Costa Rica greener than ever

Costa Rica. A treasured country amongst the whole world and now greener than ever. With many jungle areas, beautiful beaches, gleaming sunshine weather conditions pretty much all year around as well as many other aspects of the area which makes it as special as it is, the country is now upping its game even more. The area is largely appreciated by many people and has a high success rate for the population of tourists who tend to visit the area very often due to the amount of attractions it holds. Within the jungle areas which populate the country, there are also many zip lining tours, white water rafting attractions, kayaking, scuba-diving, cliff diving, skydiving, and many other thrilling adventures which people can take part in whilst within the area. In addition to this, who doesn’t love the feeling of sand underneath their bare feet, sunshine gleaming down onto their faces and environment which can be wholly appreciated due to the relaxing mood which is set throughout.

Costa Rica in general is influenced by many features including their cultural specifications which include food and even mood. Although this may sound exaggerated, it is actually a known fact that Costa Rica is known as the happiest country on Earth! This is why comes as no surprise that the country is trying to help itself by cutting down on the use of fossil fuels and becoming an even more eco-friendly place.

Within the next year Costa Rica is wanting to be able to go a whole year without the use of any fossil fuels! Even better than this, in the following five years Costa Rica hopes to be one of the carbon neutral countries of the world! This is hoped to cut down on some of the worlds demand for valuable resources such as these fossil fuels, help the planet and finally find ways to live an eco-friendly and efficient lifestyle on a mass scale, maybe even leading as a role model for the whole planet. This is because many see the progression which Costa Rica have taken as an inspiration for the rest of the world as only few other countries have managed to live off of 100% renewable electricity so far.

This will be a huge benefit for those living within the area, as although the beauty of the area is stunning and many want to visit, the people who live within Costa Rica itself are often generally poorer compared to many living within other areas such as the UK. This does not however stop the locals from being happy, as mentioned before, they are actually famous and well known for their jolly and high spirits. Holding 5% of the worlds biodiversity it shows that with this progression, Costa Ricans are certainly trying to help and keep the sustainability which is been set for the environment as well as the species within the area and the whole world.

The impact on the planet due to the changes which Costa Rica have made will help to maintain the glorious green standards which Costa Rica house with jungle and wildlife which explains that 25% of the country itself being made up of protected natural parks and rainforests.

So how are the Costa Ricans managing to do this? Well, with heavy rains which took place in the early 2015′s it meant that hydro power was used more than ever. This is why hydro plans have been able to supply power to the area of Costa Rica as well as the strong river systems which the country has, making hydropower the primary source of energy. In addition to this, solar power is also used due to the significant amount of sunshine which the area gets, ocean windfarms are also used due to the strong coastal winds. However, the country does have future plans to invest more into solar and wind power though are more focused on geothermal energy as the main resource for power.

We believe that Costa Rica have managed to upkeep this greener way of living due to the highly committed people of the country, as well as the hope they have to inspire other areas around the world. It is believed that if mass change happens around the whole planet, it could mean that with more power supplied by renewable energy, it could cut down the threats of climate change.

Overall, the country, as beautiful as it is, is managing to stay this way due to how committed they are to the recent changes they have made. Although they do have characteristics within the country which help to keep the standards, it does not stop all the areas around the world from trying to take on this same approach. With more research and more political backing, we could and can help cut down on fossil feels by becoming more green and living an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

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