Mr Recycler – English recycling now over 40%

Included in new Government Statistics, for the first time ever, England’s households are recycling over 40% of their individual household waste. Including recycling, reusing and composting, each have shown the increase, which is up 1.5 on the previous year.

The amount of waste produced by households was down by less than one percent, which brought it down to an average of 23.5 million tonnes or 449kg per person.

Although 230 counciles showed improvement in recycling rates, 40 districts remained the same and 87 got worse.

The waste and recycling minister, Lord Taylor said ‘Recycling is now part of out everyday lives and we’re sending less waste to landfill than ever before. This is good news for householders, councils and the environment, but there is still much more we can all do.’

However concern is rising amongst campaigners and waste management firms about the potential rist of government plans to reinstate councils weekly bin collections.

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