Fighting Crime. Embracing the Green

BMW are known for their often reliable and fast more “sporty” cars – but as many know, with the majority of fast sports cars comes the downfall of high emissions and the use of precious fossil fuels such as petrol. Though have you heard about the new BMW’s i3 which has been made as a silent zero emission electric car!? These cars are the new potential crime fighting machines! Eco-friendly yet powerful, fighting to improve air quality! Well… These speedy little eco-friendly warriors are the new potential police car of the future as police in the area of Wandsworth Borough, London are trialling out this car to see how it would manage in the police lifestyle.

Zero emissions means a definite benefit factor when improving our air quality. With so many police cars needed on duty everyday – having eco-friendly cars is surely going to help play its part in helping the fight against global warming.

Overall it is important that these changes are being trialled in this type of area as with London being the Capital City of the UK it draws in a lot more tourism meaning the pollution here may be higher than most other areas which surround the UK meaning a great area to test the cars in.

Here at Green Cares we think It is brilliant to see communities, councils, police forces and the government finding ways in which we can try and improve air quality and cut down on pollution as well as fighting crime and helping everyone on a whole. It shows us all that we have some great people looking after us and wanting to make a better World.

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