How the IUCN getting more people to become more eco-friendly

With the amount of damage which is caused to our environment every day, it is good to know that within our planet we still have large organisations who care and want to help create an eco-friendlier nation. The IUCN is a global environmental network which is the world’s largest and most diverse as it is an organisation full of people who still care! They provide ways in which we can help our environment as well as have human progression, the development of our economy and nature conservation happen all at the same time, together and efficiently. So what are IUCN and what are they working towards? Well, with the name itself being an abbreviation for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, it is simply said that they are here to help up conserve nature whilst finding solutions to issues including environmental challenges by achieving sustainable development.

The reason that us green lovers are so thankful for a network such as this is due to the fact that they are a way for our environmental issues to be brought up and discussed with methods of solving them at meetings such as the IUCN World Conservation congress, the United Nations general assembly and finally, International Environmental Negotiations. With this, it shows us that they are constantly trying to find ways to make these issues an important factor in world meetings and giving it a high status of importance. The main aims which the IUCN have as a whole is to try and make more people care more for the environment and the nature which surrounds us by finding ways in which we can help and even having regulations at these world important meeting such as carbon neutral, plastic free and paper low aims in order to cut down on waste, deforestation and many other general environmental issues such as global warming. Overall, helping them to succeed in their job roles and reversing damaging environmental impact which we have already given to our planet.

By taking part in these simple steps of helping our environment, it will have a positive impact on our planet in general as it will help to preserve the environment around us and stop the advancement of global warming and reverse other threatening impacts which we have already created such as habitat loss, the restoration of ecosystems and improving the wellbeing of people all around the world.

The mains ways that IUCN are finding ways to make more people, businesses and general meetings eco-friendlier is by cutting down on wasted energy, waste and other factors, for example:

  • ·         At the World Conservation Congress meeting: The IUCN limited venue electricity by bringing in naturel air flow to come in throughout the building as oppose to using Air conditioning. They also only used electronic equipment which was ENERGY STAR ® certified and encourage all who participated and were a part of the meeting to use a sustainable transport method to and from the meeting.
  • ·         Encourage the cut down on waste by using general food waste and kitchen leftovers to put into a compost
  • ·         Finding ways that all people in general can live a greener lifestyle with options such as using less energy meaning less is wasted as well as finding sustainable ways to travel and get rid of waste (e.g. compost)

To get involved in trying to help our planet and how we as a nation can slightly tweak the way we live in order to become more eco-friendly and efficient, IUCN have suggested ways in which we can achieve this, these include things such as

  • ·         Walking, cycling or using public transport rather than driving as often – this will not only cut down on travel expenses but will also cut down on the CO2 emissions which we are letting off into our atmosphere
  • ·         By using your own, reusable water bottle and coffee mugs, it will cut down on wasted materials such as plastic bottles, cardboard cups and even things like plastic bags which are usually not renewable or recyclable
  • ·         Composting is a great way to be able to cut down on general waste as well as helping your soil and garden

As well as these simple ways in which we can help, the IUCN have also got regimes which we can become involved in such as becoming an IUCN donor or partner or even working for them in an office based environment or become part of the project team. This means if you are really interested, there are lots of hands on options to choose for to support the work they are doing.

Overall, by supporting the work which is completed at IUCN, it means that we can better our planet and help out our environment and nature as well as cutting down on waste, saving our naturel resources. The work being completed at IUCN is beneficial for those who want to be able to help our environment as they give us a say and help voice opinions which are linked directly to how we impact the world around us and why and how we should help. They have described themselves as and are a “national voice on an international stage” meaning it gives our planet a chance of restoration from damage already caused with the help of many who care.  

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