How you can go green

It is certainly tough to pinpoint the very biggest threat to the environment in today’s world, but it does seem certain that one of the most significant problems is that so many people are unaware of specific problems, and of ways to help. The bottom line is, our planet is not in a very healthy state, and there are hundreds and thousands of things that we can all do to help turn things around. However, the efforts of a few environmentally conscious people are simply not enough. So, here are a few examples of issues that everybody should be able to help with using simple steps.

•    Water – It seems like such an unlikely problem to those of us fortunate to be in countries or regions where we have easy access to fresh water. However, the world’s supply of healthy water is dwindling, and there are many entire regions of the world where access to such water is an everyday struggle. If we all do our parts to conserve our water, we cut back on consumption, and on a large scale this can do a great deal of good for the world. How can you help? Start by being more conscious at home – don’t leave water running, keep your showers short, etc.

•    Recycling – Conserving materials is one of the most important green activities that you can participate in, because it cuts down on the need to manufacture additional goods and use up additional materials. Most people know to toss glass and plastic bottles into recycling bins instead of trash cans. However, as electronics-related companies like O2 are now working to remind people, there is much more that can be done – for example, you can responsibly recycle your old, out-of-use electronics, and a great deal of useful material can be salvaged.

•    Cars – The whole hybrid car craze can at times seem a bit overblown, but it is certainly one of the most important green initiatives of our time. When you think of the millions and millions of cars driven each day in the world, and consider the amount of pure exhaust that spews into the atmosphere, you should get a fairly ugly picture in your head. Not everybody is able to simply go out and buy a new car, but if at all possible, do your best to reduce your gas emissions and make your next car a hybrid – they do just as well to get you from point A to point B, and they may well play a large role in saving our planet.

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