Mr Green – Key Gardening Tips

Gardening is probably one of the most popular British past times there has ever been and although these days there seems to be little time for keeping your garden tidy and healthy, I have gathered a few of my top tips for you to try and make looking after your garden a little easier.

1. Only water your grass at night or in low light as watering in direct sunlight has a magnifying glass effect and can damage your grass!

2. Fork your soil regularly to let moisture travel easily though to plant routes.

3. Cover your berries with netting to protect them from naughty birds

4. Start a compost heap with your food waste. This is a great way to get nutrient rich soil and reduce green house gas emissions.

5. Trim hedges to encourage the edges to thicken up given them a nice full, tidy appearance.

I hope you find these tips useful and keep posted for more coming regularly!

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