Save the Arctic

Green Cares have just come across the petition to save the Arctic – setup by Green Peace. We thought this was definitely worth writing about.
The petition is aimed at wanting to make the Arctic a sanctuary so it cannot have the natural beauty of the place spoiled by companies and governments drilling for oil. Increasing pressure as always is on the demand for oil in the World and it seems more and more places are being looked at to find it. Green campaigners however are growing frustrated at natural places such as the arctic are having their environment and natural beauty spoiled by drilling.

There is a fair argument to say that one day the oil will run out and this problem needs to be tackled now for more energy friendly solutions to be found to replace oil, it is fair to say it is inevitable that one day the oil will run out and then what? In the meantime burning the oil is potentially having a significantly bad effect on the environment for people around the World with temperatures changing due to the theory of Global warming.

Green Peace want 1 million people to sign their new petition to raise awareness and get the message across to Governments and oil companies that drilling in the arctic is risky in terms of spoiling the natural beauty of the place and also contributing to the pollution in the global environment. Green Peace are also worried that the ongoing use of burning oil will continue to cause the ice to melt in the Arctic – meaning it can be devastating for species such as polar bears but also people in the World in general as the ice in the Arctic reflects the sun and puts heat back into space – keeping the World cool.

Here at Green Cares we are strong believers in this petition and if you believe in it to then please do sign it. To find out more and sign the petition to save the arctic please visit the link below:

Save The Arctic

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