Success for Sainsbury’s – No more waste to landfill

One of the UK’s largest supermarkets has confirmed that it no longer sends any waste to landfill, an impressive goal that was accomplished after only three years. The supermarket giant Sainsbury’s accomplished this goal by initiating partnerships with numerous charitable organizations and waste industry professionals. Food that was still fit for human consumption was donated to charities like FareShare, while food that wasn’t fit to eat was and is sent to facilities where it is used to produce energy with the by product being fertilizer, so there is no ‘wasted’ waste. Freshly baked products made at the in store bakeries that past the used by date were sent to be processed into animal food, again with no waste byproduct. Another important step, which Sainsbury’s are taking and implementing on a daily basis, is the reduction of unnecessary packaging that causes consumers to fill their bins up quicker. This may also reduce the cost of some products depending on the amount of excess packaging that will be removed. Labeling food correctly is also a priority, as this will help consumers make a more informed decision when buying food products, hopefully decreasing the chances of unnecessary food being thrown away.

Sainsbury’s Chief Executive Justin King said in a statement ‘We’re very proud of hitting our zero waste to landfill, which we set three years ago. We know times are tough for many customers but they still rightly expect Sainsbury’s to lead the way on the things that will always matter to all of us including catering for our environment.’

It just goes to show how a large business producing a substantial amount of waste can implement strategies to not only reduce waste to landfill but reduce it completely, so that nothing is disposed of in this inefficient way. Keep up to date with the latest green news by checking our website regularly.

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